Wholesale Poop Bags (40 Units)

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Our eco-friendly poop bags are available in large quantities for our wholesale partners. They are packed in boxes that contain 40 individual packages (1 pack = 6 rolls, 90 unscented dog poop bags). Each 6 roll poop bag package retails on our site for $6.95, which includes shipping and taxes. When you order in bulk you will get each package of 6 rolls for $2.50 – making each box cost just  $100.00 plus shipping (ships in 4 to 6 weeks).

The Alpha Difference: 

Reliable: Easy to use and guaranteed to pick up after your dog

Stylish: Designed with the "Alpha Attitude" in mind

Earth: Infused with the additive (EPI) to enhance its decomposition (18 - 24 months) with paper core

Wholesale Poop Bags (40 Units)
Wholesale Poop Bags (40 Units)