Alpha Dog Pack Partners with Dope Dog Treats!


We are super stoked to announce our partnership with Dope Dog (Treats). Dope Dog makes innovative pet products designed to improve the quality of life for your dogs. From Calming Crunchies to their Dope Dog Dropper, Dope Dog has what you need to enhance your dog's wellness.

Made from human grade CBD
Third-party tested to ensure quality and safety
Perfect for travel, grooming, storms, rehoming, etc.


The way it works is, when you order any Alpha Dog Pack products you will receive a special discount code to use on the Dope.Dog website, where you will get 30% OFF your ENTIRE PURCHASE!

You can visit Dope.Dog to learn more about their products and their brand


Dog Trainers & Walkers!

We love our dog trainers and believe in promoting balanced training for humans and dogs. It is obvious that many dog owners lack the proper knowledge and training that can be beneficial for all involved. With this is in mind we want to partner with you!

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How it works!

We know you go through a lot of poop bags so we have an exclusive offer on our poop bag subscriptions – up to 25% off! As a partner of ours we will feature select content on our Instagram stories and feed.


We want to hear from you!

Click on the below button and send us your info: Name, City, IG handle, how long you've been training, etc., and we'll get back to you with instructions.

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