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Congrats! You are one of the lucky ones that has received an Alpha Dog Pack promo code from one of our various partners or because you are just that awesome! Already a subscriber? Go here.

There are two different promo code types on our site:

The first is when your order contains a monthly poop bag subscription. This can be an order of just the poop bags or an order that has our alpha-quality poop bags and some of our human / dog merch.

To learn how to enter your promo code with a monthly poop bag subscription, view the video below:

*all promo codes offering free months apply to our 90 bag option only unless specified otherwise

Poop Bag Subscription Promo Code 

The second option is to use a promo code in an order that does not contain our alpha-quality poop bags (e.g. just Merch). View the video below to learn how.


Dog Trainers & Walkers!

We love our dog trainers and believe in promoting balanced training for humans and dogs. It is obvious that many dog owners lack the proper knowledge and training that can be beneficial for all involved. With this is in mind we want to partner with you!

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How it works!

We know you go through a lot of poop bags so we have an exclusive offer on our poop bag subscriptions – up to 25% off! As a partner of ours we will feature select content on our Instagram stories and feed.


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