270 Dog Poop Bags Subscription

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Perfect for dog walkers, trainers and dog owners with three or more dogs. Orders are shipped every 40 days (billed monthly, change your delivery frequency or pause/cancel anytime through your account). When checking out, do not change the quantity as 1 equals 1 monthly subscription order. Shipping is FREE!                

3 packs = 18 rolls, 260 unscented dog poop bags (View different quantity)

The Alpha Difference:

Reliable: Easy to use and guaranteed to pick up after your dog

Convenient: Delivered directly to your door every 40 days, so you never have to worry about running out (SHIPPING is FREE)

Cool: Designed with the Alpha attitude in mind

Earth: Infused with the additive (EPI) to enhance its decomposition (18 - 24 months) with paper core