270 Dog Poop Bags Subscription

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Perfect for dog walkers and trainers or dog owners with three or more dogs. Orders are shipped every 40 days (billed monthly, change your delivery date, product, or cancel anytime through your account). When checking out do not change the quantity as 1 equals 1 monthly subscription order. Shipping is always FREE!                

3 packs = 18 rolls (with paper core), 270 unscented dog poop bags 

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The Alpha Difference:

Reliable: Easy to use, leak proof and guaranteed to pick up after your dog

Convenient: Delivered directly to your door every 40 days, so you never have to worry about running out

Style: Designed with the alpha attitude in mind

Earth: Infused with the additive (EPI) to enhance its decomposition (18 - 24 months)

Charitable: We match every 1st-time order and donate to one of our pack members

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